Spring Place Cards

Spring Place Cards

Cheer up your Spring table setting with one of these fresh and fun ideas.


Rose gold egg
Rose Gold Lettered Egg


  1. Place foam letter sticker on hard boiled egg.
  2. Spray egg with metallic paint ( I used Krylon in rose gold).
  3. Allow 45 minutes to dry.
  4. Done!


Milk Bottle 2
Mini Milk Bottle Bouquet


  1. Place foam letter stickers on wood tag (these tags are from Michael’s).
  2. Spray with gold paint.
  3. Allow 30 minutes to dry.
  4. Fill mini milk bottle with flowers (I used mini carnations & green Pom flowers).
  5. Tie painted tag around stems.
  6. Done!


Thyme, Rosemary, & Sage Nest



  1. Use 1-2 stems of thyme to create a loop. secure with baker’s twine.
  2. Fill loop with rosemary and sage leaves.
  3. Add a few candy eggs.
  4. String a stem of thyme through a lettered tile (tiles from Michael’s).
  5. Add to nest
  6. Done!

This is a great ides for the kids table.

Happy Spring


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