Create (Space): Autumn Cleaning

In the fall our children return to school, there is a crisp coolness in the air, and I turn another magnificent year older. For me, this is also a great time to rid our home of unnecessary items. From sports uniforms to VHS tapes, here are 50 things you can let go…right now.


  1. Vases that come with flowers.                                                     vase
  2. Allen wrenches from DIY furniture.
  3. Dictionaries.
  4. VHS tapes.
  5. Kids old sports uniforms.
  6. Unidentifiable keys.
  7. Takeout menus.
  8. Stag mittens and socks.
  9. Condiment packets.
  10. Random mugs
  11. Business cards.
  12. Checkbook registers
  13. Road maps.
  14. Bridesmaid dresses.
  15. Orphan remote controls.
  16. Cookbooks (but only if you don’t use them)mugs
  17. Broken costume jewelry
  18. Wire hangers from the dry cleaners.
  19. Completed coloring books.
  20. Ill fitting under garments.
  21. Disposable cameras.
  22. Worn out hair accessories.
  23. Un-used small kitchen appliances.
  24. Wrinkled wrapping paper.
  25. Broken umbrellas.
  26. The Yellow Pages (phone directories).
  27. Incomplete decks of playing cards.
  28. Incomplete or never used puzzles.seweaters
  29. Appliance and electronics manuals (they’re all online).
  30. Broken picture frames (unless you are a DIYer)
  31. Old potpourri.
  32. Clothes you can’t and most likely will never wear again.
  33. Scratched non-stick pans.
  34. Dingy kitchen and bath towels.
  35. Chargers from old electronics.
  36. Favors from kids birthday parties.
  37. Fishbowls.
  38. Broken reading glasses.
  39. Near empty bottles of anything.
  40. Radom vacuum cleaner attachments.books
  41. Expired makeup. Expired everything.
  42. Receipts.
  43. Unread Books.
  44. Kids artwork. tip: take a picture of the artwork and create a digital art gallery.
  45. Linens.
  46. Toys your kids no longer play with.
  47. Magazines more than 2 months old.
  48. Paint and textile samples.
  49. Musical instruments no one plays any more.
  50. Mixtapes/cassettes.

Here is a bonus: CDs, streaming services are the non-clutter way to go.

Live well







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