Create (Beauty): Coffee Eye Serum


For a healthy, natural, and nurturing eye serum, give this DIY a try. Seriously! With daily use, you will see a difference (at least I did).



  • ¾ cup fresh coffee grounds
  • avocado oil
  • vitamin E oil
  • small container with lid


  • A great constrictor, useful for reducing puffiness and swelling under eyes.

Avocado oil:

  • Aids in healing sun damage due its moisturizing and nourishing compounds.
  • Easily absorbs into deep tissue, assisting in skin rejuvenation.

Vitamin E oil:

  • Vitamin E plays a role in the anti-aging of skin. It helps skin look younger by fighting age spots and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The antioxidant activity in Vitamin E is vital in protecting skin cells from ultra violet light, pollution, and other elements that produce cell damaging free radicals.



coffee soak


Empty coffee grounds into a glass jar and completely saturate with avocado oil. Tip: pour oil in small amounts allowing oil to fully soak in. Let the coffee and oil sit, covered for 3-4 days.

coffee and oil


Using cheese cloth, drain coffee and oil mixture into a bowl. Its okay if some of the coffee ground fall in. Gently wipe away any grounds from your face.

coffee mix


Add a 5 drops of the vitamin E oil, blend well.

vit e

Carefully pour serum into a clean container (I used empty essential oil bottles).


I layer with essential oils for a little extra beauty boost. I alternate a few drops of Manuka oil and Frankesece oil.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

That’s how it’s done. Comment below if you decide to try this for yourself. Also, let me know some of your beauty tricks of the trade.




Live well






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