Introverts Guide: How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

 Woman holding colorful shopping bags standing next to An Introverts Guide to Starting Your Own Business printed inside a circle

An introverts modest guide on how to create a successful business.

Do you have a skill you like to dabble in during down time? Would you like to turn that trade into a money-making business? Are you standing in your own way? If you answered yes, yes, and yes: Read on-

#1 Preparation:

In order to prepare yourself for any situation you must first prepare your mind. So, corral your thoughts and speak greatness into existence. A simple change in your thought process can produce lasting positive results.

#2 No Fear:

For an introvert, networking can seem intimidating and even overwhelming.  We introverts prefer our own company and quiet spaces. Although entrepreneurship is dominated by the extrovert spirit, there is a place for us wallflowers within the self-starting classes. A few nuggets to get you statted:

  • Start small
  • Play up your strengths
  • Create the business model you need to thrive
  • Practice engaging others

If the issue is fear of failure, you will never get started (at least not effectively).  I understand the paralyzing feeling of loosing all the money you put into your endeavor. I’ve had to deal with how I thought it would look to others if I failed. But most important, I had to cope with my own gut sinking sensation of not doing something I really wanted to do because I was afraid. Starting from the ground up is not easy but it’s also not neurosurgery. Through trial and error you’ll learn how to use your introversion as a powerful tool for building success.

#3 Plan Ahead:

Have your a game plan ready. It will be well worth it in the long run to have some kindApple desktop computer and 12 month calendar of strategy in place before you start. One thing I recommend is try to make your service or product as niche as possible. When I started my bakery delivery service I wanted to include all things party related. I was offering, baked goods, custom serving platters and utensils, cake plates, cute aprons, you name it, I probably wanted to sell it to you. Unfortunately, I was so overwhelmed with the inventory, my business began to suffer greatly. So now my focus is purely on the baked goods delivery service. I’ve even trimmed down my menu to spotlight my most popular treats and seasonal items.

Another part of your game plan is identifying your target audience. I found this amazing woman by the name of Sunny Lenarduzzi on YouTube. She is well versed in the world of online business and social media marketing. I’ve listed below some helpful tips from one of her videos in regards to finding your customer base. ( there is a link to her full video at the end of this post)

Who is your dream customer?

  • Psychographics: getting into their mindset and discovering their interests
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Buying trends: Where are they currently shopping and from whom
  • Income
  • Needs/wants: How can you assist in making their lives better

#4 Making The Sale

Now that you have identified your audience, you need to convert them into paying Come In We're Open sign hanging on a windowcustomers. I sell baked goods from my website; however, if my potential customer is not searching for me, they won’t find me. Social media platforms have played a tremendous role in marketing my business (plus, there is no face-to-face interactions). Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are my biggest customer engaging tools. I’ve recently learned that video -YouTube- is one of the most effective ways to target ideal traffic as well. No matter which platform you choose, make sure you are posting engaging content. The most important rule when posting content is: Keep your material in sync with your brand. Random content can drive your target audience away and once they ‘re gone they ‘re not likely to return. Remember consistency is key with content. You are telling the story of your brand with every piece of content you put out there. Try downloading a content calendar or a planning app to keep yourself on track (I adore the Asana app).

#5 Free of Charge:

WILL WORK FOR LIKES memeMy final bit of advice has actually been a huge game changer when it comes to driving business in my direction. Offer your products or services for free. It took me several months to overcome the nerve racking discomfort of approaching strangers. But I had to make the choice to either go for it or go broke. Once I had it in my mind  to move forward the rest fell into place. If the very thought of face-to-face interaction induces anxiety, try engaging one new prospect a week or attending a networking event. Find ways to move the conversation in a direction that makes you feel comfortable. Its can be a lot at first, but you’ll find your rhythm.

To others this idea may seem counter productive, but a great way to hook a loyal customer base is through word of mouth. Studies have shown a good product will be talked about and shared for a period of two years. So get out there, pitch your services, offer your products and do it well. Show your target customer you are the best in your field. Eventually, you will gain solid testimonials which will build you as powerhouse amongst the competition.

I hope these tips come in handy. I’m definitely still a novice in the entrepreneurial game so please share your tips and advice in the comments below.

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Live well

Sunnny Lenarduzzi YouTube Video

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